> I use NTFS under Windows.  Mark Russinovitch offered a freeware NTFS
*reader* for DOS through his
> old Sysinternals site, and a payware driver that could also *write* to
> NTFS from DOS through the sister
> Winternals site.  (It was intended for rescue operations on NTFS
> filesystems from DOS.)

There are a few of different NTFS utilities for DOS, including the
Winternals ones.  I've only had limited success with the ones I've tried,
and wouldn't recommend any of them very highly.  It certainly doesn't help
that NTFS is 100% proprietary, or that there are also several different
revisions of NTFS.

> I'm not sure how thrilled I'd be at trying to use NTFS as the "native"
> file system on a DOS machine
> (aside from the philosophical questions about whether it's still a DOS
> system if you do...).

I'm not sure anybody's even considering booting DOS from anything other than
FAT.  But, it's really nice to be able to access from DOS the non-boot
partitions on a hard drive, or external drives like USB, that are formatted
with NTFS or EXTx or exFAT or whatever.

> I wouldn't mind a driver that would let me read ext2/3/4 file systems
> under Linux from DOS, since
> FreeDOS is installed on a partition on a box that has Linux, too, but I'd
> hardly expect FreeDOS to run on
> top of a Linux FS.

Is anybody even working on a EXTx driver for DOS?  I know I've heard of a
few people experimenting with exFAT, but haven't heard of anything actually
being released.
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