PROLEGOMENA: i'm a noob.

kudos: your instructions are understandable, unlike others that i've grappled 
with (and lost). Many Thanks for Your Efforts.

i was successfully following your instructions until

where it reads:

    a.. Type "auto" to edit AUTOEXEC.BAT again. 
    a.. Remove the REM before the line "DHCP". 
  That means the mTCP DHCP client is started at every boot to update your 
clients network settings. 

    a.. Reboot 
    a.. You should see boot messages like this one: 

your instructions don't say how to 'reboot' .. being a noob, i tried entering 
"reboot" -- and it seemed to work  -- mentioned something about "warm reboot" 
-- and then hung. how can i get passed this point?

i suspect that chapter 8 also has relevance because i recall seeing the 
white-on-black screen shown in the instructions.
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