Hi Zbigniew, Jack

> I must conclude that the problems you are seeing, using JEMMEX
> and UIDE2, are NOT caused by those drivers.

Not necessarily. They just NOT happen on BOTH hardwares,
Zbigniew's and Jack's. Could be A20 or UMB being weaker
on one system than on the other. Still a problem exists.

Because UIDE uses XMS more often than FreeCOM, you are
in trouble faster with UIDE than without if A20 is bad.
Other params for XMS and/or EMS drivers might help here?

Also, SHELLHIGH 4DOS may also use other UMB areas than
FreeCOM. Try with SHELL instead, it could be a bad UMB
that just happens to be not used for critical data in
one shell but is used in the other, or maybe the OTHER
drivers end up in a bad UMB area with different shell,
as the shells have different size? Try X=TEST or so?


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