At 05:05 PM 4/6/2012, Zbigniew wrote:
>2012/4/6, Alex <>:
> > Just to be clear, which is the best Pascal version available to date
> > for FreeDOS?
>Perhaps TP 3.0 - maximal effect taken out of minimum of code?
>Turbo Pascal 3 for MS-DOS was released in September 1986. Being
>version 3, there were lesser releases prior to it and flashier ones
>after, but 3 was a solid representation of the Turbo Pascal
>experience: a full Pascal compiler, including extensions that it made
>it practical for commercial use, tightly integrated with an editor.
>And the whole thing was lightning fast, orders of magnitude faster at
>building projects than Microsoft's compilers.
>The entire Turbo Pascal 3.02 executable--the compiler and IDE--was
>39,731 bytes. How does that stack up in 2011 terms? Here are some
>things that Turbo Pascal is smaller than, as of October 30, 2011:

Well, I don't know...
I used 3.02 on DOS for a long time, after having already used 1.0 and 
2.0 on CP/M. It was back in those days really great, also considering 
the price (about 10-20% of what other compilers cost back then, with 
a couple of exceptions).
But the unit concept introduced in version 4.0 (and "copied" from 
UCSD Pascal) really made larger programs more feasible, the IDE made 
the development easier, specially with the integrated debugger. And 
the possibility to generate .EXE files and link with external 
assembler code (or C or Fortran if you fancied) would be clear 
advantages over 3.0. And it was still relatively small.
That's why I would rather say that Turbo Pascal 5.5 is the "best" 
version available...


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