El 10/04/2012 10:07 a.m., Alex escribió:
> Hi
> This topic is not about DOS vs other operating systems, or the fact
> that users tend to gradually abandon DOS. It's about the survivability
> of DOS vis-a-vis hardware.
> The starting point for my reasoning is: what will happen with the
> future development of the hardware architectures? So far DOS has fared
> relatively well, in the sense that it can still run even on 32bit and
> 64bit architectures, despite the fact that it does not fully support
> them. Now the question is: will it always be like this? Or will there
> come a point when, due to a radical CPU redesign, we won't be able to
> even use DOS any longer on newer machines? What are the chances of
> this happening?

Nothing last forever... 

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