Hi Michael,

Although not mentioned yesterday in your message, my wish
still is the one we discussed last year:

On 5/31/2011 2:23 AM, Marcos Favero Florence de Barros wrote:
> Hi Ulrich, Michael, others,
>> Now that mTCP is Free Software, I think the next version of
>> FreeDOS should focus on getting basic networking abilities.
> That's wonderful news :-)
> Are you also contemplating networks for sharing files, i.e., a client-
> server scheme on which a database could operate? (I use DataPerfect.)
> Marcos

On 31 May 2011 21:49, Michael B. Brutman wrote:
> There are a lot of possibilities.  I had some ideas for a TSR
> that would present a new DOS drive letter and use a machine
> elsewhere on the network to provide the actual storage, either
> in the form of a virtual hard drive or through SMB.  It would
> use the DOS network redirector interface which is not documented
> by Microsoft, but there are some books and sample code around.
> But that code is quite a bit different in nature than any of the
> mTCP code that I have written, so it has not been started yet.

Also, it would be nice if mTCP became "FDAPM-aware".

Regards *and* thanks,


Marcos Fávero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Brazil

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