A network drive letter similar to the Microsoft LAN client would be 
great, but that is a major undertaking - far larger in effort than the 
FTP server, which was the last major addition.  That is not coming any 
time soon - it might as well be a separate project for the amount of 
work it requires.  (That code also looks very different than all of the 
existing code; a TSR that mucks with the DOS drive letter chain and uses 
the undocumented network redirector interface.  Some coding samples like 
vmsmount exist, but it is still not trivial.)

Making mTCP more CPU power aware - I went down this path and there are 
#defines in the code for some of it.  I chose not to implement it 
because there was confusion on how to do it across all of the platforms 
(older versions of PC DOS like 2.x, newer versions of DOS, DOSBox, and 
VMWare/VirtualBox) without having to do separate compiles or 
sophisticated run-time detection.  That could still make it in the short 
term, but I need to do a lot of testing on a variety of machines.


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