> I would like on my 32Gb usb key to make it bootable on freedos.

You can do that with FAT32 and there should be some
how-to in the wiki and elsewhere on the web, but...

> I would like to keep also my usb key in NTFS.

You cannot easily do THAT: You first have to load the
(quite heavy) NTFS4DOS drivers before DOS can access
files on NTFS disks and sticks, so the booting itself
has to happen on another, non NTFS disk. However...

> How can I do this please ?

You could create a diskimage of a bootable DOS FLOPPY,
including NTFS4DOS drivers, and boot that with advanced
boot menu systems such as GRUB, GRUB4DOS, SYSLINUX etc.
I am not sure whether those can boot from NTFS, though.

Another possibility would be to have a FAT partition and
another NTFS partition on the stick, but you might not
like having two drive letters popping up (in Windows and
Linux) when you open just that one stick...


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