On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 1:44 AM, Jean-Pierre Planas
<syba...@club-internet.fr> wrote:
> I would like on my 32Gb usb key to make it bootable on freedos.
> I would like to keep also my usb key in NTFS.
> How can I do this please ?

NTFS is notoriously wasteful and bloated for USB jump drives, hence MS
created (proprietary) exFAT (supported by XP SP3 on up, I think).
There is probably no added advantage to using NTFS here instead of
FAT32 or exFAT unless you really want the extra security features.

As mentioned, FreeDOS can't read NTFS (nor exFAT) natively, and third
party tools to do so leave a lot to be desired (heavy understatement).
So your best bet (if you choose only one file system) is FAT32. I
assume you can resize your NTFS partition from within Vista or 7 (as
it lets you do so for normal hard drives) and then create a FAT32

For bootup configuration, EasyBCD should work (though I've not tried,
esp. not on jump drives). If you just want to create the bootable USB
FreeDOS image, try Rufus.


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