Maybe obvious, but if you plan to handle large diskimages > 4 GB,
why would you want to do that with DOS at all? How about Linux?

You might find that a "complicated operating system for freaks"
but in fact you do not see much of an operating system when you
stay inside your disk image software and on the other hand, it
is a "complicated task for freaks" to process files > 4 GB and
NTFS and do all that in a DOS booted from some USB stick ;-)

> Just to explain why NTFS : I would like to put files >4Gb on the usb key.
> I use ghost (Symantec, ex-Norton) with Freedos, and I have already some
> ghost files > 4Gb that I want to copy on my usb drive.
> I saw that with Windows I cannot create 2 partitions on my usb key. Because
> I can try to create a FAT32 partition with Freedos to boot on it, and a NTFS
> to store my largest files.
> Do you know some software :
> - To create 2 partitions on a usb key ?

Depending on how much your BIOS helps, any FDISK for DOS would
do but if the BIOS does not, current DOS USB drivers might only
let you use the partitions on USB sticks, but not modify them?

> - To replace ghost with a free software ?

Apparently G4L, CloneZilla, FOG (Free Open-Source Ghost)...:


Homepage for G4L with some screenshots:

For FOG and CloneZilla, there are also nice but German walk-through
style instructions on the tecchannel.de magazine web page. It seems
CloneZilla is better, it also aims to be easy to use :-)

http://clonezilla.org/ + http://clonezilla.sourceforge.net/

An example download of an ISO containing both clonezilla
and a system rescue CD is Clonezilla-SysRescCD, which can
also be installed on USB if you do not want to burn it:


Clonezilla uses partclone, partimage and ntfsclone internally.
Clonezilla can be burned to DVD or CD or installed on USB or
harddisk. You can also boot it through the network using PXE:


Similar or related projects:

http://drbl.sourceforge.net/ (uses network booting, no boot disk)

http://partedmagic.com/doku.php (contains gparted, partimage,
testdisk, clonezilla, g4l and other useful utilities together)

http://sourceforge.net/projects/freeghost/ or FOG seems to be
pretty networking oriented, can image Windows, use PXE boot...:
http://www.fogproject.org/?q=screenshots has screenshots.

Possibly also interesting, made by DOS expert Tom Ehlert:

http://www.drivesnapshot.de/en/ it can backup in the background,
access NTFS and network, but is neither free nor open source.

Enough choice in any case :-)


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