On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 4:06 PM, Ulrich Hansen <uhan...@mainz-online.de> wrote:
> Am 20.05.2012 um 20:15 schrieb dmccunney:
>> The number of people who still run DOS is a vanishingly small fraction
>> of the number of people who use computers.  The number who run DOS in
>> a virtual machine is a small fraction of that number.  The number of
>> people trying to run FreeDOS under Virtual Box can probably be counted
>> on the fingers of two hands with change left over.
> This is not true.
> As I wrote in a previous posting, the VirtualBox page in the FreeDOS wiki
> (1) became in less than 5 months one of its most popular pages and was
> viewed 43,894 times. My (old) page about VirtualBox in FreeDOS on my own
> server (2) was viewed 3,552 times this year (409 times this month) and my
> "networked" FreeDOS image for VirtualBox (3) downloaded 801 times (91 this
> month), although it is still FreeDOS 1.1 beta (sorry).

So how many people *are* trying to run FreeDOS under Virtual Box?
Page views != unique users.

> So no. People are really using FreeDOS in VirtualBox.

I never said they weren't.  I said very *few* were.  It may well be
more than ten.  It might even be more than 100, though I'd be a bit

But they would still be a tiny fraction of the total number of Virtual
Box users.

> Of course to the developers of VirtualBox those people are a minority, so
> known bugs aren't fixed very fast or not fixed at all.

Perhaps because they *are* a minority.  Developer time is the scarce
resource, and bugs likely will get prioritized by the number of people
they effect.  (It's why Bugzilla, for example, lets you vote for bugs,
to indicate they bite you.  Bugs that bite the most people get fixed

I know why a bug in Virtual Box might be important to a FreeDOS user.
Tell me why that bug should be important to a Virtual Box developer,
beyond the fact that it's a bug?  All bugs are not created equal, and
some are far more important than others.

> The question is if those users should be more valuable to the FreeDOS
> developers / FreeDOS community.

I assume the FreeDOS community considers all users of value.  I'm not
sure how having FreeDOS under Virtual Box users seen as more valuable
to the FreeDOS developers/FreeDOS community addresses the issue of
problems running FreeDOS under Virtual Box, unless it's possible to
add code to FreeDOS to work better with Virtual Box and/or work around
Virtual Box bugs..

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