On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 11:52 PM, Jack <gykazequ...@earthlink.net> wrote:
>> VBox lets you choose how much % of processor to use, so it doesn't
>> have to use 100% all the time. I just wonder whether their bugs are
>> due to their tweaked BIOS or some hidden instruction incompatibility
>> or what.   :-/
> My own personal "guess" is that their bugs are more likely due to
> incompetent BRATS "messing around" with hardware about which they
> really are NOT qualified to "mess with"!!

I wouldn't be that harsh, it's a "complex" processor family, pun intended.   ;-)

But I do take issue with the idea that "it's open source, fix it
yourself". Seriously, anybody who's ever tried to build most
free/libre software has seen how ungodly it often is. (Though closed
source is presumably just as bad, maybe worse.) Why coders are so ...
mind-numbingly opaque is beyond me.


VirtualBox seems no different. Though of course I'm only peering at
the Windows portion, so I'm a bit biased, but you gotta start
somewhere. Without even downloading a lick of code, I'm confronted
with a *TON* of dependencies:


Red flags that make me want to scream:

* kBuild (modified GNU make) that has "currently 0.5 people on the
planet that fully understand it"
* MinGW (old GCC 3.3.1, not 3.4.[25] which won't work)
* rare build issues on various Windows (2k, Vista) for obscure
reasons, e.g. requiring Cygwin Ash shell explicitly (and no support at
all for Jack's favorite NT 4)
* Qt 3.3.x (not 4.x) needed for frontend

Granted, I know some of this is unavoidable:  things change,
regressions happen and new versions are released, different devs
prefer different build tools, but I just really hate the complexity in
building things. It's no wonder that more platforms aren't supported
or that more people don't contribute ... it won't freakin' build! IT'S
TOO VOLATILE! (Yeah yeah, welcome to the world, software has always
been like that. Though I don't have to enjoy it.)

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