Op 20-5-2012 22:40, dmccunney schreef:

> So how many people *are* trying to run FreeDOS under Virtual Box?
> Page views != unique users.

No idea, the guide acts as a very nice general installation manual.
Combine that with the presence of multiple emulators (QEMU, Bochs, 
VMware) as well as some actual installations, and you get inflated 
numbers indeed.

> But they would still be a tiny fraction of the total number of Virtual
> Box users.

True. Lots of people will likely virtualize additional functionality, be 
that generated by Linux, Windows, ReactOS or another operating system.

>> Of course to the developers of VirtualBox those people are a minority, so
>> known bugs aren't fixed very fast or not fixed at all.

It appears that VirtualBox developers are taking the easy way out, 
creating virtual machines that work properly for specific operating 
systems instead of being a proper complete virtualisation product. In 
other words, the VM is incomplete, not acting like real hardware would. 
VMware (Workstation, Fusion and ESXi), Bochs and QEMU appear to do a 
better job of complete emulation, with VMware (and to a lesser degree 
QEMU) adding optimalisation for specific operating systems ('virt-io' 
devices and drivers included..)

> I know why a bug in Virtual Box might be important to a FreeDOS user.
> Tell me why that bug should be important to a Virtual Box developer,
> beyond the fact that it's a bug?  All bugs are not created equal, and
> some are far more important than others.

What you mention unfortunately is reality indeed. Instead of creating a 
proper product with full functionality and afterwards improving, only 
just enough functionality is provided to get popular operating systems 
going. In some ironic way, this resembles real hardware :)
(specific quirks mentioned at http://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/ )

>> The question is if those users should be more valuable to the FreeDOS
>> developers / FreeDOS community.

Unlikely. However any and every bug with regard to machine emulation 
should be fixed to get rid of imperfection. Afterwards all that users 
can complain about then is performance rather than functionality.

> I assume the FreeDOS community considers all users of value.  I'm not
> sure how having FreeDOS under Virtual Box users seen as more valuable
> to the FreeDOS developers/FreeDOS community addresses the issue of
> problems running FreeDOS under Virtual Box, unless it's possible to
> add code to FreeDOS to work better with Virtual Box and/or work around
> Virtual Box bugs..

I know Michael Devore added a feature to FreeDOS-EMM386 (and thus also 
present in JEMM/JEMMEX) to exclude a certain UMB memory region if 
running in VMware. It was done at my request, as otherwise the VM would 
reboot or crash. Not everything can be worked around for in drivers or 
operating systems, if the system environment is flawed.

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