Hello FreeDOS community,

I've created a new tool for the FreeDOS project - a package manager.

The tool I've created is called 'FDNPKG' (because it's like the old 
FDPKG, but with extra Network support). To a Linux user, it might look 
similar to some kind of a highly simplified "apt-get for FreeDOS".

FDNPKG allows to install packages both from network repositories and 
from local *.zip packages.
It supports multiple network repositories - this allows anyone to create 
(and host) his own FreeDOS packages repository (we could imagine 
internet FreeDOS repositories with old shareware games, or DOS ports of 
specific opensource projects, etc...).

FDNPKG doesn't depend on any external tools, as it contains everything 
it needs to operate. It requires however a working WatTCP installation 
(ie. a wattcp config file).

FDNPKG is a non-interactive CLI tool.

FDNPKG is available for download here: 

I haven't tested FDNPKG in any real-world situation, therefore any 
feedback is welcome! It works flawlessly on my DOSEMU installation, 
that's all I know for sure.

Mateusz Viste

P.S. I've also done some packaging & repackaging work, and created a few 
FDNPKG repositories for FreeDOS, containing some development tools, 
FreeDOS BASE packages, utils, etc (they are all referenced in the 
default FDNPKG configuration file, so you can browse them using "fdnpkg 

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