Em 27/11/2012 13:16, thraex escreveu:
> Hi there,
> I recently gave FreeDOS a try on VirtualBox (which was running on Ubuntu
> 12.04). The installation went almost entirely fine, but I think I
> spotted a problem when the user chooses Turkish layouts for his or her
> keyboard.
> In fact two Turkish layouts are offered. One is the number 19 and is
> simply mentioned as Turkish, the other is the number 59 and is mentioned
> as Turkish (Qwerty). Here are some links to relevant parts of the
> installation process, firstly for the "number 19" and then for 59. Sorry
> for posting screenshots for plain text screens, but I couldn't find an
> easy way to copy&paste their content.
> <http://ompldr.org/vZ2gwMA/Screenshot_fd_keyboard_19.gif>
> <http://ompldr.org/vZ2gwMg/Screenshot-2_fd_keyboard_19.gif>
> <http://ompldr.org/vZ2gwMw/Screenshot-1_fd_59_Turkish_Qwerty.gif>
> <http://ompldr.org/vZ2gwNA/Screenshot-2_fd_59_Turkish_Qwerty.gif>
> You can see the error messages, on the first screenshot of each series
> you have "could not find country info for country ID 1" and on the
> second image you have different errors. If the user chooses 19, the
> result seems to be a good old *English* QWERTY keyboard. If the choice
> is 59, things seem to work fine despite the error messages (the layout
> is OK).
> I can't say much more than this but since I use the Turkish QWERTY
> layout, I wanted to bring this to your attention. If I can do something
> more, feel free to say it.
> PS: One more thing: if the first layout (19) was supposed to be the
> Turkish F, I think it should be swapped with the QWERTY (59). In Turkey,
> roughly around 90% of keyboards are the Turkish QWERTY variant, and the
> remaining 10% is the Turkish F variant which is supposed to fit the
> language better. Most operating systems consider "Turkish" with no
> additional precision as the Turkish QWERTY, the F keyboard is often an
> option, not the default. Therefore, the first choice should probably be
> the Turkish QWERTY.
Merhaba Thraex,

I was impulsive on replying and didn't notice the links you sent; sorry.

I have read the error message on the "TR" layout.

You've tried to use the turkish QWERTY layout with codepage 437. It 
seems you forgot to prepare and select one of the codepages available 
for that layout, of which two being particularly suitable both for the 
turkish and kurdish languages: 857 and 853.


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