Hi all,
saluton Ruĝulo,
merhaba Thraex,

> Yes, I know, but it's hard to test every (sub)option under the sun,
> esp. regarding (hundreds of) languages.  ;-)
Probably, it won't be necessary, Ruĝulo. :)
>> (btw, if translations in French or Turkish for FreeDOS would be useful,
>> I can happily try my best to contribute).
> Maybe Turkish would be nice, but I have no idea where to suggest you
> start. It can be overwhelming, which is probably why we don't have
> lots of (current) translations. Maybe just testing and playing around
> with Blocek editor would be a good enough way to start.
...With Bloček? It wouldn't help. I'll take KEYB.EXE as an example. 
Unless I'm wrong, KEYB can use text files with translated messages. In 
cases like these (where translations would be most welcome), it would be 
necessary that the text files contained translated messages based on 
regular DOS codepages, instead of Unicode, which is what Bloček uses.

In the turkish case, it seems that cp857 would be the most recommended 
> P.S. Before I forget, you can edit UTF-8 (etc.) in various editors,
> e.g. GNU Emacs (23.1 for DJGPP), Mined (use -u and it autodetects
> codepage) and Blocek, etc. I'm not familiar with Turkish / Latin-5 /
> whatever, but I know that cp853 is the preferred "Latin-3" (variant)
> in FreeDOS. Unfortunately, it's not encoding compatible with ISO
> 8859-3, has the glyphs at different places. The "real" Latin-3 is
> cp913, so if that is important, you'll have to grab Kosta Kostis'
> ISOLATIN.CPI (isocp101.zip):  http://www.kostis.net/en/index.htm
> (EDIT: It also says it has cp920 / ISO Latin-5 / 8859-9.)
ISO Latin codepages for FreeDOS are ready to go, for a long time 
already, by the way. Ruĝulo, if you and/or anyone out there reading this 
message feels that keyboard layouts based on ISO Latin codepages would 
be welcome, please let me know. I would need a few weeks to work on 
them. I would then release the CPIISO.ZIP and KPISO.ZIP packs for 
FreeDOS. My idea is not to avoid enlarging the regular keyboard layout 
packs (KPDOS__X.ZIP and KPDOS__S.ZIP) for FreeDOS. There would be 
particular KPISO__X.ZIP and/or KPISO__S.ZIP files available for download.


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