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> One correction: on my XP machine using the CMD command interpreter, whichfat
> reports every existing drive as FAT16. I guess that kinda makes sense as
> it's the native format for DOS and I guess Windows converts file formats
> before doing disk i/o.

No. I forgot that XP is fairly braindead. It's not a real DOS, it's
just a buggy VM (NTVDM). It's not totally reliable, sadly. DOS is dead
to them, so they don't fix bugs or even maintain the code.

XP fails on a lot of FAT32 stuff, but I don't honestly know offhand
what WHICHFAT tries to do. Presumably you can read the FAT partition
directly (but maybe? Windows forbids it?). Or maybe it's checking the
volume type, but I forget which int 21h call that is. (I guess I
should look, but the point is that XP is unreliable for some DOS
things, though admittedly nice when it does work.)

P.S. Not 100% what I was thinking of, but check this:


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