Op 31-12-2012 19:11, iw2evk schreef:
> Hi and good 2013!

Thanks, same to you. Couple of more hours to go here, in the Netherlands.

> I've burning fdsrc1.1. from freedos site, but it'a a "Install only" disk.
> I'm intersted to boot freedos from cd (for use in pc with loaded another
> o.s..

It's a bootable CD just like any Linux distro. The autorun.inf is for 
additional Windows features, and trying to run SETUP.BAT should also 
warn you that you can't run all of SETUP.BAT in Windows.

What the CD does, is getting started by BIOS. Then it loads Isolinux as 
the bootloader, reads isolinux.cfg, shows a menu, loads a diskette image 
into memory as drive A:, boots that, loads CD drivers, accesses the CD, 
finds and executes SETUP.BAT on the CD.

Once SETUP.BAT is running it will show you an installation menu.

Just burn the FreeDOS ISO just like any random Linux ISO file.
("burn image" in ImageBurn program), not as some datafile
(and also don't extract the contents and put that on CD)


> I due change autorun.inf and setup.bat for starting boot of freedos from CD?
> (live cd mode like linux distro)

There's no need to change anything. Modifying CD content and recreating 
an ISO is a tricky business.


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