At 08:51 AM 1/29/2013, Michael B. Brutman wrote:
>- Editors do not need interpreted languages in them.  (EMACs users,
>please forgive me.)

EMACS? Like the operating system, that's just lacking a decent editor? >:-}
(Doesn't EMACS stand for "Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping"? :-P

>- An editor should be smart enough to page in parts of the file as it
>needs to from disk.  This enables editing of files that are larger than
>the memory size.

SEE does this just fine... ;-)

>- An editor should have "journalling" to help recover the lost work if
>the machine crashes while editing.  This is normally done by recording
>the keystrokes to a separate temporary file and flushing them to disk
>periodically.  In the event of a crash the journal file can be replayed
>to restore most of the edits, and hopefully not cause another crash
>because of a bug in the editor.

Wouldn't it be better to fix the bug in the editor instead? >:-}

>- Undo support.
>- The ability to convert tabs to whitespace and vice-versa.
>- A pop-up on-screen ruler.
>- Regular expression support for searching through text.
>- A hexadecimal display mode.

I could see the use for a (limited at least) Undo support and regex 
search, but I could do easily without the others.


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