Hi all, dear FreeDOS community members! I please answer all to my questions:
1. You want to have in the FreeDOS distribute more powerful text editor as
standard text editor?
2. These editor must be only 8086 or can be 80386 (8086 machines used only
by nostalgy value by museum staffs)?
3. Editor must be written on the Pascal or BASIC language? I convinced that
the C language is does not work properly with the strings.
4. Editor must be have:
4.1. Calculator;
4.2. ASCII table;
4.3. Inbuild cyrillic font;
4.4. Support to external fonts;
4.5. Support the copy/paste;
4.6. Support the block selection;
4.7. Support the line selection;
4.8. Support the paragraph formatting;
4.9. Support the change case of the selected text;
4.10. Have a inbuild BASIC language interpretter;
4.11. Calendar.
5. Editor must be work in the graphics or text mode?
6. Editor in what license type:
6.1. GNU GPL v2;
6.2. GNU GPL v3;
6.3. Apache license;
6.4. BSD license;
6.5. EULA.
Please all vote of this.
Previously thank for voting!

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