I have been trying to set up an HP nx6320 laptop with FREEDOS and Fedora 
Linux. While I have done this numerous times previously, by simply 
installing FREEDOS and then Linux, this particular box is giving me no 
end of trouble. I can install FREEDOS and it boots okay, but when I 
install Linux, it refuses to see the FAT16 partition and overwrites 
FREEDOS, or if I rewrite the partition table as msdos, FREEDOS will boot 
but not Linux. I have been trying to install SYSLINUX as a last resort, 
but if I do it from Linux, it doesn't work, and I haven't been able to 
find SYSLINUX.EXE in the FREEDOS 1.1 distribution. Does anyone know 
where SYSLINUX.EXE lives or do I have to download it myself?


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