Op 9-2-2013 12:18, sakura kinomoto schreef:
> Hi all!
> I have a PC 1996 year, and bought a hd
> d, Samsung sp0802n, (maybe 2005 year), with 80 gigabites
> But my bios can see only (first) 8 gigabites
> I am newbie, so, please, tell me, what software can help?
> Thanks for any hint!

You might want to purchase a PCI IDE controller, its an add-in card that 
has its own firmware for harddisks and thus doesn't rely on the system 
BIOS. Hopefully your BIOS allows to boot from add-in cards if they have 
their own system ROM firmware.

Something like this:

The software route would be a DDO
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_Drive_Overlay ) but I don't know 
if these programs are freely available or only for sale (like Ontrack's 
old DDO software). Usually ends up giving lots of trouble when disk 
maintenance programs are running.


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