Egads - you are very right to remind me there Dennis and Rugxulo -
defragging is a bit of a reflex habit from my time as a disgruntled MS
user, I never consider it in my (user-level) Puppy Linux. I'll give
DOSFSCK a run, as I still query the format process on the SD-card.
Thanks too for the Chess links - my son and daughter are both just
getting interested (though they prefer Go), and I'm afraid 'Battle
Chess', with its animated combat scenes and relatively simple AI, is the
big hit at the moment. Actually, I'm trying to be a bit of a connoisseur
with the game choices - only picking the very best/highly regarded in
various Dos Game forums and repository sites, and Rebel Chess you
mentioned rates pretty highly in the Chess forums - I'll give your other
suggestions a go too. 

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