On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 12:49 AM, Andrew Robins <arob...@fastmail.fm> wrote:
> Egads - you are very right to remind me there Dennis and Rugxulo -
> defragging is a bit of a reflex habit from my time as a disgruntled MS
> user, I never consider it in my (user-level) Puppy Linux. I'll give
> DOSFSCK a run, as I still query the format process on the SD-card.

I don't believe you *can* do it in Puppy, though a variable will be
the file system you install on.  I have Puppy here on an old notebook
along with Ubuntu.  I installed both on Ext4 filesystems, which add
the ability to use extents,  and in my rough tests offered about a
25%-33% I/O boost.  The notebook does UDMA 4 at best (BIOS
limitation), and the main constraint is slow disk I/O.  Puppy and
bundled apps, chosen for small size, run well enough.  Larger apps are
problems.  I don't even try to run a current Firefox on it.  It takes
45 seconds just to load, and is perceptibly sluggish when up. To the
extent that I browse from it (seldom), I use Opera or Midori.  Puppy
and Ubuntu mount each other's slices on boot, and I did some fiddling
to share apps between them, with one copy of large things living on
one side or the other but accessable from both.

While Ext file systems are fairly fragmentation resistant, they *do*
become fragmented, and being able to defrag is a design goal of Ext4.

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