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<giorgio.gilard...@libero.it> wrote:
> I'm using a DOS Program since the years '80ties for Personal Accounting.
> The name of the Program is PF2 (Personal Finances 2) and it was
> downloaded from the internal IBM Tools.
> The program worked perfectly startig from DOS 3.0 till Windodows
> XP SP3.
> No way to get it running under Windows 7, in full screen mode.

You are running a 64 bit version of Win7?  You need to ne running Win7
Pro, which you are, and run the MS virtual machine that implements an
XP environment, which you apparently are, to do this at all.

Why is running a DOS app full screen critical to you?  I run DOS apps
under XP in a compatibility box provided by NTVDM, and that *last*
thing I want is to have them full screen.  I have a 23" monitor that
does 1920x1080 as standard resolution, and full screen is simply *too*
big.  My problem is the opposite of yours: I have a couple of old DOS
apps that try to run full screen, and I had to find ways to coerce
them into running in a window.

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