> I recently purchased an Acer Revo RL80,connected up and switched on.The
> system started to load and then failed,leaving the message NO DRIVES

That only means that your CD/DVD driver did not load: Looking at the Acer
website, the Revo is a tiny PC without CD/DVD drive, so that is normal.

> I'm only left with the command prompt and have no idea how to continue.

That is normal for DOS in general - you type commands at the prompt. But
you may want to install some graphical goodies and use those. For example:


I am sure the other members on the list can make more suggestions.
However, if you wanted to do "the usual" with graphical text editors,
spreadsheets, internet, video-phones and so on, you probably want a more
"heavy" operating system than DOS. Today, DOS can do some cool things (see
above: graphical internet etc.) compared to the "old days", but you still
miss the ability to do multiple things at the same time on a graphical
desktop with plug and play for all sorts of hardware. For example you plug
some USB memory stick and a file manager automatically opens. That is not
what DOS will normally do for you. But at least you can now install
drivers for DOS to use the USB stick at all :-)

You probably have FreeDOS on your Acer Revo because Acer wanted to sell a
complete PC so you can see that everything works. And they probably did
not want to spend money for Windows or effort to fine-tune Linux for the
Revo. Or maybe you got the Revo 2nd hand, excluding Windows. So you simply
have DOS and a prompt... You may enjoy exploring it a bit, now that you
have it anyway. There is a lot of information about DOS on the internet

Regards, Eric

PS: Have a nice holiday season everybody :-)

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