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> Oh if anyone wants their FREEDOS to run faster and they have an ide harddrive 
> then copy your
> FREEDOS to a compactflash chip and replace your ide drive with an cf  adapter 
> and run your dos
> from the cf chip instead of the hard drive. If you have 500 mhz cpu you  can 
> see through put speeds
> of over 2 gigs and it never needs to be defraged. You can remove the chip and 
> plug it into any computer
> with a cf adapter.Something that you cann't do with windows.

Not entirely true.  A fairly common performance boost these days for
things like notebooks and netbooks is replacing the hard drive with a
nand flash based solid state drive.  Windows boots an order of
magnitude faster, apps load faster, performance is generally much
better, and like your suggestion, there's no need to defrag. n
(Defragging is meaningless on a flash device in any case.)

You *can* remove the SSD from the machine and plug it into another,
but you'll have to reauthenticate Windows if you do.  But if you do go
to an SSD drive instead of an IDE HD, you aren't all that likely to
move there SSD to another machine.  You did it in the first place to
make the current machine faster and better performing so you didn't
need another machine.

> DS

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