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> A far superior arrangement for probably 100x the cost. Perhaps the
> convention organizers preferred to spend that money on things that
> were more meaningful to the convention attendees. Or maybe they just
> wanted to keep the money for themselves? Who knows?

*I* know, because I work on such things.  SF conventions like the one
I mentioned are put on by sponsoring groups that are 501c3 tax exempt
non-profit corporations.  They are hobbyist efforts put on by unpaid
volunteers.  People working on the convention are reimbursed for
expenses they incurred on behalf of the convention.   If the
convention generates sufficient revenue to pay the bills, those who
worked on it may get their membership fee refunded.  (Not all SF
conventions do well enough to manage that.)

LACon IV's organizers chose to allocate convention funds to other
areas, and found an effective solution for reducing what would have to
be spent for the convention registration function.

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