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> If they ran DOS on a CF chip; they could pull out the chip DOS included
> and send it it in.
> Smaller than a flopppy and less easily damaged by magnets..

You just won't let that notion go.

They would have to *have* DOS and the application software on a CF
chip, and install a chip in each machine used.  This has the expense
of getting the chips, and the skilled labor involved in loading the
image on the chips and equipping the machines to be used with the
chips. Then you have the question for getting the data off the chip,
because you *don't* want to have to open the machine and pull the chip
to do it.

This operation used ancient laptops available for next to nothing,
with no hard drive and only a floppy.  Floppies were dirt cheap, and
it was quick and simple to duplicate as many copies of the program
diskette and data diskette as needed. There were used for a 5 day
period, because the convention runs from Thursday through Monday.
Damage by magnet was not a concern, as the equipment was all used at a
registration area set up in the convention center that all Worldcon
attendees went to to pick up their badges and other con material (if
they had pre-registered), or fill out a form and pay for a membership
at the door.  When registration was not operating, the laptops and
floppies were in a storage area,

And because each laptop had a data disk with its own copy of the
registration database, there were multiple backups by the nature of
the process.  At the end of the convention, the final cpoy of the
registration database was transferred to a server for conversion to
other formats and archival storage.

What you suggest would simply have been more trouble than it was worth.

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