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> Browsing the list, I can't see any Forth compilers!


I'm not sure of the exact list of people who can "import" an .LSM into
the FreeDOS Software List, but it's a very very small group. At least,
I've never done it (yet).

Jim Hall (our fearless leader) usually recommends OpenWatcom and/or
NASM, at least for normal stuff ("BASE"), though sometimes even that
isn't held up too strongly. (For instance, KEYB is TP7.)

At one time, I think Jim's attitude was that he didn't want to
"clutter up" the Software List with lots of stuff that "nobody" used.
Though you could definitely argue that a lot of stuff already there
isn't very widely used.

Though just because it's not in the Software List doesn't mean it
isn't (or can't) be mirrored to iBiblio. As long as it's some kind of
free software, it's okay.

> I would to recommend listing at least 3 of them, actively developed:

Only one of those three (4tH) would I call "active", though I guess DX
isn't too too far behind.

> - DX Forth - http://www.netbay.com.au/~dxforth/
> - 4th - http://thebeez.home.xs4all.nl/4tH/
> - CHForth - http://www.forth.hcc.nl/w/Producten/CHForth
> I think, the three mentioned above are most interesting and useful for
> DOS-programmers. Although there are quite a few older, but still
> functional Forth compilers too.

Although I never truly learned it to any reasonable degree, I do like
Forth. Overall, I (also) like the idea of different development
languages besides C/C++/ASM. So I did mirror a bunch of stuff to
iBiblio in the (vain?) hopes of helping future developers.


All three you mentioned are already there.   :-)

But I don't know how much that helps FreeDOS as a whole. In general,
even niche languages don't target niche OSes, they only want to focus
on big dogs, i.e. popular targets. Same old story.

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