I run DOS by itself not under another OS. All the so called DOS drivers
I've tried require Windows to be present. Without Windows they don't
I tried the mode command; the screen stays the same size and the letters
smaller. Some of my software will run full screen when they run. I think
they issue a VESA command to do this. Wordperfect, Arachne & Pixel
run full screen; everything else is mini screen.


On Sun, 05 Oct 2014 22:14:38 +0200 Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de> writes:
> Hi!
> > control screen resolution. FREEDOS runs as a tiny screen in
> > the center - very annoying. I haven't found any dos sound driver
> Your screen may have a hotkey to zoom to full screen.
> It probably defaults to show 1 pixel as 1 pixel, with
> the default DOS resolution much lower than what your
> screen can do, so DOS shows only on a small area. You
> can use the DOS "mode" command and similar tools to
> switch to higher resolution text modes (eg 132x50) or
> to a VESA graphics mode (eg 1280x1024 pixels). It can
> have some side-effects to use a graphics mode in DOS,
> but in general, your BIOS should have no problems to
> "draw" text on a graphical canvas for DOS. Sometimes
> this is slower than hardware text modes and some DOS
> programs ignore the BIOS and only work in text modes.
> For the sound, most games have built-in drivers, which
> usually work only with old ISA soundblaster compatible
> cards. A few modern tools (such as media players) do
> already support AC97 and HDA compatible modern sound
> hardware. For your old games, the "easiest" way today
> is to run DOS in a window in Windows or Linux, with a
> tool such as DOSEMU or DOSBOX. Those create a virtual
> (simulated) soundblaster to make your old games happy.
> Regards, Eric
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