I remember using IBM's Tiny Editor, 16-bit for DOS and OS/2, in DR-DOS 7.03, 
not open source.

Tiny Editor was useful on IBM OS/2 installation floppies because of tiny size, 
could edit up to about 350 KB file or a little larger, more in OS/2 1.x.

Using elvis 2.2, I was able to view and edit files in DR-DOS above 1.5 MB, but 
scrolling through a file of 3 MB was prohibitively slow; no such problem in 

Maybe that was because DOS is not really made for large RAM.

Still, I prefer to switch to Linux, FreeBSD or NetBSD to edit anything serious, 
using vi.

Apparently DOS, including FreeDOS, works better on an older computer than on a 
modern computer.

I just went to drdos.com just to check the price for DR-DOS 7.03, was $79; last 
time I looked previously, it was $39.

Download link for DR-DOS 7.03 from drdos.net is no good; links no longer valid 
is a problem with much old DOS software.

I still have and occasionally use Borland Quattro Pro 5 for DOS; dBASE IV 1.5 
less frequently.


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