On Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 2:08 PM, Don Flowers <donr...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>What do you run as your "production" OS?  I'm willing to bet it's not
> a flavor of DOS.
> Linux (Kubuntu [Ubuntu/Debian derivatives) is my primary OS, but FreeDOS is
> my secondary OS followed by Windows 7 on one machine only because I recently
> acquired an HP Elite 8000 for under $100 with W7 preinstalled. I added a
> second drive for FreeDOS and Kubuntu.

I was actually addressing that to Rugxulo, but it's interesting to get
your response..

The current desktop he is a refurb Dell box that came with Win7.  I
maxed the RAM (8GB, for that box), added an SSD as boot drive, and
dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu.  Total cost when the dust settled was $550,
and it's more than adequate for what I do.

> As for valuing time, I have been disabled since 1990, (should have been dead
> about 15 years ago), so the time spent is valuable in the sense that I keep
> my mind occupied if not sharpened.

Certainly, but I look at it in terms of opportunity costs.  What might
I be doing with the time *instead* of trying to keep ancient hardware
running?  I have enough things that are of higher value to *me* that
the time I spend on keeping ancient hardware running is limited, when
I don't have anything meaningful to do with the hardware in the first

What constitutes value is an individual and subjective decision.

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