> This question interests me too, as I just bought a new HL-5470DW printer
> today to replace a Canon that provided no emulation of any kind. The new
> provides Epson FX, IBM Proprinter and PCL6 emulations in addition to
> Brother's own language, but neither parallel port nor serial port

Quite multilingual :-)

> connectivity. In Linux I'll be using it via IP, but it would be nice to be
> able to use it directly from a DOS boot somehow to print old WP and
> spreadsheet files with embedded Epson FX printer control codes.

I can only guess that there are network printer drivers or at least
netcat for DOS. In some cases, you can also use a browser to config
printers which provide a web interface, sometimes also allowing to
upload and print files. I guess IPP is a popular print protocol now.

Regards, Eric

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