On 6/3/2015 10:49 AM, Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi Dale and Don,
>> I have a Compaq Armada (Laptop) with a ESS1869 - I tried every
>> SB/ESS driver I could find then by chance I loaded DOSSOUND and it
>> worked. For my modern desktops with the oldest PCI cards (mostly ESS
>> or Yamaha) I can only get sound through the internal speaker, but
>> MPXPLAY & QView work through the lineout - I think any successful
>> configuration will be a compromise.
> What exactly is DOSSOUND and what does it do? And for Dale:
> It is important to know what card and chip exactly causes the trouble.
> ESS made many of them. I agree that you might find the solution in some
> "turn chip on" tool, but that, too, will depend on which chip and card
> exactly you have. If your card is ISA with plug and play support, you
> may need the general (Intel?) plug and play drivers for DOS to activate
> and configure the plug and play things it at boot :-) Back in ISA days,
> PnP simply meant "auto-select non-colliding I/O port bases, IRQ etc.".
> Cheers, Eric

That's the Intel ICU (ISA Configuration Utility).

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