On 12/06/2015 16:56, John Hupp wrote:
> I agree that there is no perfect solution.  But the same is true on
> other platforms.  Look at common Linux distributions: repositories of
> vetted apps, hosted on servers that get special attention, with a single
> update channel that keeps everything up to date.  You still have the
> flexibility to install and update anything by another method, but the
> "A" plan sure is nice.

That was exactly my motivation to start the FDNPKG project years ago in 
the first place. It's not supposed to be the silver bullet for all your 
DOS install needs, but when available, it provides an easy, no-brainer 
way of getting apps on your DOS system.

It's especially nice that whatever we have now in the repo, we have 
forever, since the churn of DOS software is very low, and we will never 
have troubles like "glibc has been updated, so everything must be 
recompiled all over again" - that's a nice border effect of the DOS 
static nature :)


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