In the thread [Networking: With MS Client, "Error 5: Access has been denied"], I was working hard trying to get the MS-DOS Network Client working with a Vista machine. It was a solution I had used in past years for moving files between the FreeDOS client and a Windows machine on the LAN.

But it doesn't work with a Windows Vista or newer server.

Besides that, it is an awful memory hog.

Now I have found mTCP, available in the FreeDOS install CD's Net collection, or in a newer version from developer Michael Brutman's web site at

This is a suite that includes a DHCP client and an FTP server, among other applications. Everything is tiny and fast. For initial installation of the newer version, the whole suite fits on a floppy with room to spare.

For use behind a hardware firewall (my router), I just set it up to do anonymous FTP with read/write access to the entire file system, then I just run it as needed. (It's not a TSR, so you can't do anything else while it's running.)

From my Windows machine, I just use Windows Explorer or a web browser and open ftp://<IP-address-of-the-server>.

Reportedly you can use its DHCP client for anything else that needs it, but I don't know how to do that. This may be of interest to me as I turn to get reacquainted with Arachne. I don't know whether it has its own DHCP client or another provision.
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