That version was a minor packaging fix to the previous version, which is
why the date strings did not change.  (Except for the one affected program.)
On Jun 17, 2015 11:26 PM, "Mateusz Viste" <> wrote:

> On 18/06/2015 00:32, John Hupp wrote:
> > Now I have found mTCP, available in the FreeDOS install CD's Net
> > collection, or in a newer version from developer Michael Brutman's web
> > site at
> In fact, as Rugxulo pointed out already, the versions are the same.
> On Mike's website the file download name is slightly misleading, since
> it reads "", while it contains in fact a set of mTCP
> tools versioned as "2013-04-26". Hence yes, the version mirrored on
> iBiblio (and FDNPKG, which you seem to have used) are the same than the
> 'official' one from Mike, even though they might give the impression to
> be a month older.
> Or Michael forgot to update the version strings in his last release
> maybe? But I was unable to find *any* reference to 2013-05-23 in all the
> text files shipped with mTCP, so I suppose it's rather simply a mistyped
> filename.
> Mateusz
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