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> Yesterday I installed FreeDOS for the first time.
> I used the latest version and did a "full" install because i want to
> have all software.

The full release of FreeDOS 1.1 does not have all software mentioned
in the Software List.


Most DOS installs are "BASE" only, maybe not even that much!

> I would like to run http://www.freedos.org/software/?prog=opengem which
> I suppose should be installed on a full install. But I cannot open it
> via "gem" and don't find it anywhere.

Most DOS software is not supported anymore. And, even then, most
things require manual installation (e.g. download and "install"
yourself by unzipping somewhere).

Mateusz mentioned his packaged version of OpenGem, but the original
version was meant to manually install.


> Also I don't see vim anywhere.


It's been years since I used VIM, and I was no expert by any means. It
does have its own installer, but I'm not sure how much it does. (VIM
is a very complicated piece of software.) Personally, I prefer VILE
(built by DJGPP), which is somewhat simpler.

Keep in mind that VIM 7.1 was the last to have a (limited) 16-bit DOS
version, and 7.3 was the last to support 32-bit DOS (DJGPP) at all. So
we don't have 7.4, and I haven't tried rebuilding it myself (as I
assume it doesn't even work anymore).

> What am I missing? How to install software on FreeDOS?

Most stuff is done manually, but some things (nowadays) can be
installed by FDNPKG. However, more volunteers are still needed to add
or update many packages.

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