> Will you 1) be moving your project hosting and 2) porting to DJGPP 2.05?

I already moved the files to Sourceforge: 
But I still have to add screenshots and stuff at that site.

Yes, when DJGPP 2.05 is released I plan to use that. At the moment I find 
rather confusing with the 2.05 files in different directories and mixed with 
and 2.03 utilities. To what extend can you use the existing 2.03/2.04 
utilities when
using DJGPP 2.05 to compile applications?

> Perhaps a more updated alternative to opengem would be XFDOS
> I have tried it and found it be quite an impressive interface and its word
> processor alone is worth giving it a try.
> http://sourceforge.net/p/freedos/news/2013/04/xfdos-graphical-freedos-distribution/

I think some people are just interested in vintage computing and therefore 
not look at new DOS applications.


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