Hi Marlon,

>> Why that old one? A quick double-check online shows "fd11src.iso" as newest:
>> http://www.freedos.org/download/
>>> mount it on a virtual drive, installed it in the second partition...

> Anyway, I've managed to install and boot from freedos using the tips here:
> http://marc.herbert.free.fr/linux/freedos_no_removable.html


Well you did not put any config.sys or autoexec.bat in the
root directory - this is why DOS asks you for date and time.
If you do not have any config, those actions are default.

> What does "bin\sys  F:  C:\FDOSBOOT.BIN  BOOTONLY" do?  I get an error or
> something from it, forgot what it was.

It puts a boot sector in a boot sector file without copying
the kernel, as you do that separately in the next command.
Not sure why you did it that way.

> I sort of understand this: copy BIN\KERNEL32.SYS F:\KERNEL.SYS

The kernel to boot is always named kernel.sys, you probably
have several kernels in the BIN directory and copied the one
named kernel32.sys as the one for your F: drive.

> I also don't understand "makecmd" and I think it also gave me an error
> message.  I've managed to put command.com on the root directory, though.

If I have to guess, it might create a command.com in one of
the supported languages for you. As you say that it failed,
I guess you manually copied the English command.com instead.

> 1.  When I boot into FreeDOS, it almost always asks me to enter the date and
> time.  Is this normal?

See above.

> 2.  I can run an old Clipper program but the program has to be in the same
> drive/partition as FreeDOS; I cannot access other drive/partition when I'm
> in FreeDOS.  Is this normal?

This might be not normal. DOS only supports FAT partitions,
so if your other partitions are NTFS or Linux, it is normal
that DOS can not access them without additional drivers.

> 3.  When I'm using the Clipper program, I can print just fine.  But I cannot
> enter data.  I get the DOS ERROR 4, something like that.  When running the
> Clipper program in command prompt in Windows 7 and I get the DOS ERROR 4,
> all I have to do is edit the autoexec.nt and config.nt in windows\system32.
>  What would be the equivalent of that in FreeDOS?

I do not know what error 4 is and you have not explained in
which way you edit the *.nt files. What do you add, remove
or change in those files? You can do the same in DOS, but I
think you do not have any config yet - see question 1. Note
that the drive which is "F:" while you installed DOS, if I
understand your mail correctly, probably is drive "C:" when
you boot DOS. As you also seem to have Windows 7 on the same
computer, I guess that your Windows partitions are all NTFS.

Regards, Eric

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