Well, speaking only for myself of course,  I make sure a board has the 
slots I require before even getting underway.
Or, as is often the case since I have my machines built for me, make sure 
the person doing the work confirms  there are enough.
Just my take,

On Mon, 9 Nov 2015, Don Flowers wrote:

> I have only one PCI slot on my PC. I have gone back and forth between a
> sound card and an ethernet card and cannot make up my mind which is the
> better option to have. I am not a gamer so no sound is not a deal breaker.
> I like having the option to use FDNPKG direct from ibiblio, and connecting
> to FreeDOS via Dillodos, but I also like sound for my mplayer and mpxplay
> and few vintage arcade games. Thoughts?

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