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On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 3:56 AM, Xavier Dury <kal...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Did anyone try to install FreeDOS on an Intel compute stick or other similar 
> x86
> (non-arm) pc on a stick ?
> I would like to use such a stick to play my old DOS game collection (with a 
> cheap
> HDMI monitor) but I don't know if FreeDOS will install correctly on such a 
> machine

Install? Yes. Work fully? Maybe not.

> and how the games will see the embedded sound chip (will that chip be seen as
> some sort of SoundBlaster compatible card ?).

Okay, here's the deal: modern sound hardware is totally SB
"incompatible". Sound is
perhaps the weakest link in all of FreeDOS. There is (almost) no hope
at all for that,
and you would definitely be wasting your time if that's a deal breaker.

Honestly, although DOSBox is 100% software-only emulation (not a real DOS, only
for games!), it does have excellent soundcard emulation (e.g. SB16, GUS). It is
almost perfect for old games that need a "fast" 486 or "slow" Pentium. A lot of
YouTubers (e.g. Pixelmusement/ADG) use it extensively, and it fits
their needs quite
well. Heck, a lot of old games (e.g. GOG.com) come bundled with DOSBox nowadays.

So no, don't even waste your time with literally anything else. I
don't think even
DOSEMU, QEMU, or VBox support SB16 properly in most cases (sadly), or at least I
had horrible luck. So honestly, your best bet (for old games, only)
truly is DOSBox.

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