> Just want to know if FreeDOS can run interlink.exe and intersrv.exe
> If FreeDOS is compatible with interlink, then what steps should follow?

As far as I remember, those provide sector based connection of FAT
partitions through a serial or printer port cable: As long as your
sector size is 512 bytes, that should probably work. Note that you
only have those tools if you already own MS DOS anyway and that the
tools only support FAT16 and maybe FAT12, but not FAT32. You could
also use the drive-over-cable feature in the free FileMaven (FM3)
file manager instead of using interlnk and intersvr. The latter two
require at least MS DOS 3.0 and 2.11, respectively, according to MS
KB item 502282 on the support.microsoft.com website - should be ok.

For more modern connectivity, you could also use FTP, SCP (see SSH)
and SMB (using the DOS port of smbclient) or of course solutions on
the basis of (HTTP or not-too-new-HTTPS) websites. However, all of
those have in common that you use a client tool rather than making
one drive on one computer visible as an actual drive on the other.

For making drives directly visible, the modern solution would be to
run DOS in a virtual environment: There is a DOS driver for client
drives in VMware http://www.freedos.org/software/?prog=vmsmount and
if you use the DOSEMU or DOSBOX environments, making host directories
visible as drives visible from DOS is even a built-in feature which
does not require any additional drivers on the DOS side :-)

FileMaven 3.5a is closed source freeware with laplink style transfer
and support for ZIP and others: http://www.briggsoft.com/fmdos.htm

Cheers, Eric

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