>> Just want to know if FreeDOS can run interlink.exe and intersrv.exe
>> If FreeDOS is compatible with interlink, then what steps should follow?

interlink/intersrv are part of msdos. this should work in theorie,
but you are probably the first to test this on FreeDOS.

> As far as I remember, those provide sector based connection
wrong. it provides a file based service, and makes remote drives available
as drive letters.

> of FAT
> partitions through a serial or printer port cable: As long as your
> sector size is 512 bytes, that should probably work. Note that you
> only have those tools if you already own MS DOS anyway and that the
> tools only support FAT16 and maybe FAT12, but not FAT32.
interlink/intersrv doesn't care about fat12/16/32


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