If you really have an "MCB chain corrupted" error, you have a serious problem 
and need to figure out what's causing it.  It's more than likely a device 
driver or TSR that isn't compatible with FreeDOS for some reason (could be 
INTERxxx or could be something else).


I used to use INTERxxx a lot many years ago using the special parallel cables 
designed for that purpose (I think I still have a couple of those cables in my 
"spare cable box").  Parallel is MUCH faster than serial (null modem) cables.

I believe Eric is correct when he says INTERxxx is sector-based rather than 
file-based as Tom states.  I do know that the client (INTERLNK) must be capable 
of "understanding" the file system of the server (INTERSVR).  For example, if 
the client is MS-DOS 6.2 (which doesn't understand FAT32) and the server is 
MS-DOS 7.x (which does understand FAT32) and you're trying to access a FAT32 
disk on the server, it doesn't work.  I know this for sure because I've tried 
it.  If INTERxxx was file-based, it wouldn't matter which version of FAT was on 
either computer (and could even work on non-FAT drives the server had mounted, 
like CD's and network drives).

As a logical extension to the above, I don't think Eric is correct when he says 
it will only work with 512-byte sectors, though I've never actually tried it.  
I don't think it matters what the sector size is, as long as both computers can 
"understand" the sector size.  For example, MS-DOS is compatible with large 
sector sizes (larger than 512 bytes) with a little finagling, but FreeDOS is 
not.  I suspect that INTERxxx would work with any sector size (whether bigger 
or smaller than 512), as long as both OS's "understand" it.
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