Every way I've tried to boot FreeDOS I get a black screen with a blinking
cursor in the top left.

The machine is a Shuttle FH67H3 v2. I'm trying to boot FreeDOS to upgrade
the firmware.
I don't have a CD or floppy drive. So, I have available to me an: HD
internal SATA or USB or a USB key.

First attempt was unetbootin written USB key.
Then I tried to write the image here:
http://www.chtaube.eu/computers/freedos/bootable-usb/ to an HD. I tried
booting off the HD internally and via USB.

I have disconnected all other storage from the machine.
I have disabled every new sounding/potentially not-DOS-compatible feature
in the BIOS. I've set to only one core.

I believe I've always correctly written the image, it mounts fine and seems
to look right.

The result, of all the permutations attempted, is exactly the same. A black
screen with a blinking cursor.

Oh, this computer does, actually, work fine when I plug the other disk back
in and boot into debian.

Any thoughts would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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