Hello Matthew, 

Try using FreeDOS 1.2 Installer Preview Release 15 (FDI). http://up.lod.bz/FDI

Use either the SLIM or full USB images. SLIM  contains BASE and FULL installs 
and is under 32MB. The Full USB image contains those plus about 450MB of extra 
packages that are not automatically installed.

Easy to put its image on a flash drive using Linux, Mac or UNIX basis system. 
On Linux, just plug in a USB stick and locate its device name. Something like 
/dev/sdg. Then just use something like:

sudo dd if=FDI-USB.img of=/dev/sdg

dd is a little slow but works fine. This is also how you would create it on a 
Mac. However, on a Mac, you need to first unmount (not eject) the media, then 
use the command line version of diskUtils to find the device name. 

Anyhow, assuming your machine will boot the new USB stick, you need not do an 
install. Simply select your language, then at the Welcome to FDI screen, select 
quit to DOS. You are now running a basic lite and slightly limited version of 
FreeDOS 1.2. 

I hope this helps.

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