Hello Matt,

> In the Boot tab in my BIOS, the menu for Xst Boot has CD, USB Floppy, USB CD, 
> etc, etc and UEFI at the bottom. Usually I have UEFI as first and only boot. 
> However, I've changed it to USB Floppy (I dunno why it thinks it's a floppy) 
> as first and only, no UEFI. I can't see any option to disable UEFI more than 
> that.

When you try to boot the image, if you only see a blank screen with blinking 
cursor, and you never see the “FreeDOS kernel 2041……..” messages, the kernel is 
either not compatible or is not being loaded. Unfortunately, I don’t know 
enough about your specific hardware. So, I cannot say if it is not compatible 
with FreeDOS. Or, what exact settings you would need to make to get it to run 
the OS. 

Perhaps, if you submit the information for your BIOS manufacturer and version, 
someone may know exactly what to change. Or, possibly may be familiar with 
getting FreeDOS to work in a similar situation. 

Sorry that I could not be of greater assistance.

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