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> <mailto:rugx...@gmail.com>>:
>> Using VHD instead of VDI has the advantage that it can be mounted in Windows
>> and other systems.
> What other systems support VHD? Are there different versions (besides VHDX)?

You can mount the image in Windows, OS X and GNU/Linux. 

That just means you can open the virtual FreeDOS drive C:\ in Windows Explorer, 
Finder or Nautilus. 
It doesn’t mean that it runs with other virtualization software.

> Hmmm, I don't see any mention of "vhd" in qemu-img --help. And yet one
> random page says it supports "vhdx". Eh? Do they just call it "vpc"
> instead? Apparently so. (qemu-img does mention "vpc“.)

No. VHD has nothing to do with qemu. You can convert it though with "qemu-img" 
or with "VBoxManage clonehd“.

> But, once again, although I've never run many and thus don't know all
> the incompatibilities, I'd advise people not to be too trusting of
> so-called compatibility between emulators. Just because one partially
> supports .VMDK doesn't mean that it supports every feature (or every
> newer version). Caveat emptor. Bugs often happen, so test test test
> before you assume full compatibility with anything.

You are right. VirtualBox states VHD is fully supported.

I tested it the last days. I even tried to manipulate the harddisk image in 
Windows Explorer while FreeDOS was running, which is not advised. I couldn’t 
get it to break. 

Most people who are using FreeDOS in VirtualBox run Windows as host. Giving 
them the possibility to mount the FreeDOS disk C:\ to get their work into 
FreeDOS or out of it, seems like good idea. 

But I will keep the VDI updated and available on the website too. So everybody 
has a choice.

> So I'm not fully convinced (yet) that there is one portable, neutral
> format that will work across most emulators.

Me neither. VMDK might be a candidate. It is also fully supported by 
VirtualBox. And there even seems to be a vmware utility to mount the VMDK file 
as disk. 


Unfortunately this software is quite old and no longer supported so I am not 
sure about it.

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